Saturday, July 31, 2010

Poetry/ Love ♥

So im talking to Sayan Ang on skype, I ask him what I should blog about and he says love.. and I think to myself love is such a hard subject to write about. It requires full comprehension and experience, and I thought I've experienced love before but in reality I haven't.. it wasn't love.. it was lust or inflation... idk its something I cant explain but ALOT like love. So anyways;; I cant write about something I don't really have knowledge on.. I do know however that love is beautiful, it makes you feel amazing but when its gone it feels like you don't have anything for awhile until you find something else that makes you happy and that something else doesn't have to be necessarily a person.. it could be Jesus Christ it can be a sport it can be a hobby it can be your family or your friends that help you out when you need it.. and you learn that you don't need a boyfriend to make you happy, or a girlfriend. But Love is important. Verry important, it makes you feel special, it makes you feel wanted, and when your in love you don't have a care in the world for anything.. just the person that your with and the moments you spend together. Maybe one day  I'll find the right guy the guy that will treat me amazing and the guy that I could talk to about everything and anything, the guy that will always be there for me through thick and thin and  that will trust me with all their heart. I want that kind of guy and I don't care if I have to wait a million years.. I believe everyone has a soul mate and you eventually find him and when you find him you'll know.. because it'll be like love at first sight you'll feel safe around that person and like they're the one. [[butttt... rightt nowww im not sweatinggg itt. (: livingg lifee single's funn too. ♥]]


By: Sayan Ang

My heart stops beating.
Thinking of the
moments we had.
Keep asking myself,
where are you?

Wondering where you are.
The only thing I see
in our pictures is I.

Showing how weak I am.
I fall and break down.
What a clumsy love we

Just one more time.
If we can return
loving each other.
I will embrace it.

The night turned cold.
I’m in the corner.
I think of the days.
When you will come

I was dumb.
I didn’t see this coming.
I thought this would
last forever.

I will still be waiting.
My heart is clogged
up by these memories.
Without a sound I
still feel it.

I see you.
You moved on and
found someone special.
I wish you good luck.
But I will never
forget you.


Just You And I
By: Sayan Ang

I’ve been thinking about our love.
I’ve been thinking about our relationship.
It’s you and I until the end.
Ignore the fact that people are telling lies and spreading rumors to break us apart.

Don’t fall into their hands,
They’re jealous of what we have.
Because it’s hard to find a couple like us,

I’ll be anywhere you need me.
I’ll sacrifice everything just to keep you.
The only thing I want is for us is to be together forever.

Being with you makes me so grateful.
I thank you for the chances you give me to live my life with you.

Everyday you’re bringing me a smile, like the sunshine
I’m feeling as if I’m getting more and more attached to you
The sky is always blocked because you’re always on my mind
You’re all I ever wanted
Thank You.

These Poems are the sweetesttt poems I have read. Sayan is such a great poet ! [[btww: these aren't meant for me.]]

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