Saturday, July 31, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud ♥

Friday July 30th "Life is For Living.♥" 
Today I went to the movies to see Charlie St. Cloud with Alejandra and Kimberly. 2 words. AMAZING MOVIE. ♥ Zac Efron did such an amazing job as an actor in this movie, he played such a serious role and he did it amazingly and mayy I add;; he's soooo cuteeeee. (: [SPOILER ALERT] In Charlie St. Cloud; Charlie's brother dies in a car accident but Charlie also died in that car accident but he was brought back to life by one of the doctors at the hospital... 5 years later Charlie is still at home, he didn't take the scholarship he was offered that would allow him to sail the world because he was the greatest sailor there was he always won all the competitions with the help of his brother. Instead of going to college Charlie works at a grave yard... making sure its in perfect condition and plays catch with his dead brother everyday at the same place same time because of a promise he made sam when he was alive. Charlie soon falls in love with a girl named Tess who is also a sailor..but Charlie has a supernatural power that he can see and talk to the dead people who are caught in the in-between.. Charlie saves Tess's life because of her ghost he talked to and learns that he has to forget the past and just move on with his life and live his life to the fullest because there's a reason he didnt die that night. Again.. amazing movie.(: But it was kinda confussing.

The trailor basically gave away theee wholeee entire movie.. but you get the idea.


  1. i wanna see this movie so bad lol.

  2. haha you should see it lyzette its really good. (: