Saturday, July 31, 2010

Aventura Concert♥

July 8th 2010- Most Amazing Day Of My Life.
The day of the Aventura concert I was so devastated because I thought I wasn't going to be able to go and I never went to a concert before in my life..I was gonna go with my best friend Alejandra Cruz.. but her aunt has cancer and she is verry sick and her dad wanted to save up money so he said she couldn't go. Butt.. turns out her  parents finally let her go, she gave me a call, and we got the tickets! They weren't the best tickets in the world;; but at least it was something.. and atleast we got to be there. We got balcony seats.. right in the middle and you look down and you can see my husband (Anthony Santos a.k.a romeo perfectlyyy) I was soo hyped. The whole night we sang along to all the Aventura song and danced bachata. The Concert was crazy, full of mi gente hispana and Romeo gave a random girl a kisss... ahhhh I was sooo jealous that kiss was suppoused to be for me.. I was suppoused to go on stage and dance next to my husband so he can give me a kiss and then sing solo por un besoo. ♥ but ohhh well.. para la proxima yuh alreadyy know whats going down. (; the concert started at 9 and ended at 12 && TOBY LOVE WAS THERE TOO! and after the concert I went and sleept over alejandra's house. It was an amzing day and words cant even explain it.

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